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Retail Billing and POS Software in Chennai


       Welcome to Kassapos  Software Solutions,we hope you will find out our site provides useful information about our many products and services offering to you. Our Company founded on February 2008 in Chennai, India. Our company constantly developing new services and solutions targeting the challenges faced by the entire business environment. We are already the most preferred solution for fashion and lifestyle brands and supermarkets. Our customers trust us because we work with them to implement, test, practice and support them by releasing new value added features and integrations.

A POS Billing Software in Chennai cuts down human error saving businesses money in the long term. Staff no longer has to work out sums, count stock on their own or waste time correcting mistakes, as the sophisticated systems can do all this for them. We are providing the Best Billing Software in Chennai which helps your business to get more profit.

By Using Billing software you can easily create professional invoices, and also managing customer contact information and accepting payments in online, are some of the services attributed to this exceptional software. Billing Software in Chennai induces an automated billing and it will help your organization to manage your subscriptions and recurring bills. When you connected to the website and other business applications, and take care of all elements of your business.

A POS system keeps records of daily sales transactions and volumes of stock. (Point-of-Sale) POS Billing Software in Chennai to your business to reorder and easily analyze the inventory levels of all your products. These reports can be printed at any time of the day and can be broken down into various details such as, who served the customer, what was bought, receipt number etc. We aspire to be the best Retail Billing Software in Chennai provider and Point-of-Sales solution in the market. Through sustaining records based on this information, you can make better decisions regarding ordering and be promoting. By using Retail Billing software in Chennai, all the calculations will be done automatically by one click.

The main use of Retail billing software leads to reduce the paper cost and promotes E-communications with the help of internet. So the billing software will helps to you save your valuable time and money. For mainly Restaurant Billing Software in Chennai helps to avoid the wastage of time and it will perform effectively by reducing manpower of your business. Restaurant billing software in Chennai solutes different complex actions regarding while billing process of restaurant in a simple way. So you don’t have to worry about further tensions in your business.

Please Contact Kassapos software solutions (www.kassapos.in) with any questions about our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you and to demonstrating how we can help your business be more effective and efficient at affordable price.


POS System

A method of developing outstanding production and consumer satisfaction comfort by obtaining an immeasurable understanding of the consumers of assets and services offered by a business. Standard retail management tact for a production company and research the process of retailing and distribute the final products to the company to customers to resolve and capture what customers want and expect.

Choosing the Right POS

POS Touch Presented today's greatest competing demands, keeping the POS management system is important to progress in retail management and hospitality platforms. Your business requires a complex, using industry specified software for your business. A truly modern pos solution requires the integration having different elements including in the software.

Our Products

POS System- Retails

POS System A process of promoting greater sales and customer satisfaction by gaining a better understanding of the consumers of goods and services produced by a company. A typical retail management strategy for a manufacturing business might research the retail process that distributes the finished products created by the business to consumers to determine and satisfy what buyers want and require.

POS System- Restaurant

As a restaurant guest, you simply order, wait, eat, and pay. But the work of many different people is necessary to get your meal to the table as well as computer support to manage payments, track inventory, and create various types of financial reports. In this unit, you will learn what it takes to make your meal happen. Restaurant managers need to understand the function and responsibilities of each of their employees and how these people work together to accomplish tasks in the restaurant, whether it’s a fast food place or a fine dining establishment.

POS System- Touch

POS Touch Given today's extreme competitive pressures, choosing the right POS system is critical to success in both the retail and hospitality industries. You need a complete, cloud-ready solution that supports every aspect of modern POS that your business requires, from hardware, operating systems, and application servers to database technology and industry-specific software. A truly modern POS solution requires the integration of many best-in-class elements

POS System

POS System is Covers entire multi-channel retail management. It includes production, sales & distribution, customer loyalty. Advanced reports are provided to help the owner analyse their company data and make right decisions. Retailers may utilize Weighing scales, Bar-code Scanner and any other wide variety of hardware and software available for use with this POS System.

Android Touch

With our wide range of features, you can create a custom app for restaurant business. Create an app for all major devices in a snap, no compromise on quality or functionality. Access Any-time, Anywhere uses this app. This also integrated with our POS System.

On-line Portals

This Website design plays an important role in the restaurant’s marketing mix. It is mainly used as a promotional tool. Now-a –day’s people hardly get time to go through restaurant guide books and more rely on the on-line information provided in the home site. Once again this is an on-line brochure where you can tell people about your food, your chef, display your menu and prices if required and also show nice images.



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