Chicken Wholesale & Retail

Our software is able to manage sales, purchase etc that gives you the flexibility and time to manage your store better


⦁ Smart Billing

⦁ User friendly POS System | Works Offline

⦁ Daily Automatic Backup | E-mail | SMS

⦁ Weighing Scale Pricing | Pole Display Integration

⦁ Multi-language Billing | Multi-Accounts | Multi-Branch Connectivity

⦁ Own and Auto Generate Product Code

⦁ A4 and 3” Thermal Bill Format for Sales | Reports

⦁ Cashier wise Sales Report

⦁ Profit and Loss Report

⦁ Customer & Supplier Statement Report

⦁ Report can be Exported to PDF, Excel or Text file Formats

⦁ Reorder Level Management

⦁ Mobile Sales Report